The Evolution of Walleye Capital

Walleye is an established, technology driven investment
advisor. The firm has roughly 100 employees and five
core offices. Walleye was founded in 2005, initially to manage
an electronic and floor-based options market making operation.

In 2011, Walleye recognized the changing market
environment and adapted by expanding into strategies
outside of flow based options market making.
This effectively initiated Walleye’s transition into the
business it has become today.

Today, Walleye has two core multi-strategy hedge funds, the

and .

While the Walleye business model and investment strategy has evolved since the firm’s inception in 2005, the people, technology, and risk management framework that has driven consistent results persists, yet continues to dynamically evolve.



Irvin Kessler
Founding Partner
Andrew Carney
Partner, Chief Executive Officer
William England
Partner, Chief Investment Officer
Mark Zeldis
Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Mark Lyons
Paul Mattson
Partner, Portfolio Manager
Mark Tusler
Partner, Chief Financial Officer