Forged by derivatives trading

Proprietary technology

A new take on asset management

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Opportunities Fund

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Investments Fund

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Portfolio Managers

Walleye has a proven track record of being thoughtful and
sophisticated capital providers for both internal managers
and external managed account relationships.

The firm is always looking for talented PMs and fund
managers across a wide array of strategies, including
Volatility, Equity Long/Short, Quant, Event Driven, Fixed
Income, and Macro.

Best-in-class technology platform

All aspects of Walleye are supported by a custom-built
database engine and automated trading platform,
managed by a highly skilled development team.

Supporting every aspect of the system is Deephaven Data
Labs, which was originally built to accommodate the
enormous data challenges posed by modern equity
options market making. Walleye spun out Deephaven Data
Labs as an independent technology business in 2016.